Creative Director

I am Engin Erasli, also known as Pasha. My father used to call me Engin Pasha and it makes me remember my dad every day.

The idea for my Speace interiors concept stems from my own heartache during a painful relationship breakdown. I was alone, my relationship had suddenly ended. I was single in an overwhelming and challenging situation in which I did not always get the support I needed. I want so much, now, to offer my support to you.

My determination and hard work helped me to overcome the difficulties and make peace with my past. Bringing the outside into your home became, for me, an important lesson to learn. It is essential to get forces of nature working with you, rather than against you. In this way you can achieve your full potential, create a positive home environment and be successful in your life.

In my design service for you, I will create an environment that will improve your life, relationships, creative thinking, your career and finances and your spiritual life. It is about designing with your soul. I take great care to connect with you personally and to draw out the issues which are most important to you.

My passion for interior design comes from my early childhood. I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus which is a divided capital. There are so many houses left empty near the borders and I used to dream of designing those houses. My mother used lots of patterns at our house. As a child, I learned from her how to play with colours and patterns.

“Your body is your home and your home needs a home”. PASHA


Speace Interior Design

My mission is that one day I can help people who have been badly affected in war zones and have lost their homes. I want to help them to rebuild their life with a superb new house. I would love to design the abandoned houses in Cyprus and bring life to them.