Clean Slate Design

This service will focus on designing your home to fit your new life. It is about opening new doors, not slamming old ones. Whilst it is normal to feel moments of sadness or grief, change brings possibility, offering opportunity.

Declutter and cleanse :

By decluttering and undergoing ritual cleansing of your home, it becomes synonymous with a cleansing of mind, body and soul.

Psychology :

Meet with a trained psychologist. During these gentle sessions, allow us to understand you, and the emotions connecting you to your living space.

Reiki and Chakra Therapy :

These sessions will help you to understand yourself better and the challenge ahead, beginning the healing process from within.

Break-up Coach :

A specially trained relationship breakdown coach will work with you, hepling you to adjust to a new beginning and create new horizons.

Cooking :

Working with an experienced cook, help to heal your body from the inside. Eating the right foods, using colour and taste to stimulate appetite.

Wardrobe Stylist :

Wearing clothes that bring painful reminders can take you back, impacting negatively on your development. Learn about fresh new styles and co-ordinating ideas.

With Clean Slate Design, you can make peace with your past, feel calm and enlightened, ready to jump into a new life.

Moving Forwards Design

This service will offer kitchen extension, loft conversion, moving house or simply redecorating your home. A motivational force for a new beginning can be generated by transforming your home with thoughtful design.

Feng Shui.

Introducing Feng Shui principles and eliminating negative energy. Interior design with colour therapy can also stimulate an array of creative ideas.

Design and Build

Presenting ideas about changing the layout of your home. Loft conversion, kitchen extension, planning applications, or simply refreshing and upgrading your home.

After The Builders

With thorough cleaning after the building work, get rid of dust, debris and dirt. Feel invigorated and alert.

Reiki Therapy

Having builders working in and around your home, however efficient and polite they may be, can make you feel tired. Revitalise with therapy tailored to you.

Saying Goodbye

Say goodbye to old associations, open out space for something new to enter your lifeā€¦and you say hello.

Grief and New Chapter Design

Losing someone in your life whom you love is one of the hardest things to face. If you need to redesign your home or prepare the property for sale after loss, I offer this service to help you get through this emotionally turbulent time. Feng Shui techniques will invite energy into your home, drawing on my flair for colour therapy.

With New Chapter Design, you can feel relaxed and enjoy tranquility in your home.


Keep precious mementoes and let go of others. With constructive and compassionate support, this difficult process can be simplified.

Ritual cleansing

Cleanse, clear up and conserve. When grief creates a perpetual shadow, allow a sparkle of new energy to shine through the cracks.


Understand your feelings and why different emotions can unexpectedly arise, occasionally exploding from you out of character. Forgive yourself.


Continual healing is a process and is happening to all of us, all the time. During bereavement, you need extra support, with patience and empathy.

Life Coach

Understand what really holds you back. Fulfill your potential, adjust to change and reach for new horizons. Get support to remove obstacles, and achieve success.


Nourish your soul. Allow an experienced cook to show you how you can create simple, delicious meals, using nutritious and colour-balanced food with flavour.

Wardrobe Stylist

Experiment with new styles, bring in a touch of glamour, radiate attraction. Let fashion into your new life with different colours, mixing and matching for fun.

Rental Design (for renters, landlords and landladies)

Arrange your rental home to make it more supportive to you. This requires minimal expense to implement. The simple addition of a plant, fresh flowers, water feature or repositioning of furniture can make a huge difference. Using Feng Shui and colour therapy, so much can be achieved.


Give your tenants space. Take away old, damaged or shabby items. You may not need to replace them, allowing air to circulate instead.

Ritual Cleansing

With a thorough cleanse, you really can de-stress a home. Bring in the vibrancy of new life for old. Attract the best tenants who will value your property.

My aim is having an army of people behind me who, after using my service, made peace with their past and moved on with their life.